Concept, Systems and Procedures Innovation

A Concept of Operations (CONOPS) describes the operational strategy required to meet a set of performance objectives. The CONOPS communicates the overall vision for the operational system to all stakeholders and provides the steering for future systems and procedures development.

AVISU has a proven capability to marry the need for a transparent and stable development process with the open creative environment needed for true innovation to occur.

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Support for Sales and Marketing

The new approach to sales is to connect with the customer, understand their issues and map the solutions to

achieve success. In the complex world of Air Traffic Management, an integrated approach is essential.

Sales staff need the operational knowledge to understand the industry, identify with their customers and establish a trusted partnership.

AVISU brings true operational expertise into the sales domain with a tailored approach to sales strategy and pipeline delivery linked to customer awareness and relationship management.

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Implementation and Operations

Implementation is a risky business. The meticulous planning needed for go live decisions are not easy and require well thought out procedures. Operations staff needs thorough training in preparation.

Throughout the life of the operation, ongoing training is required, system upgrades need to be managed in a safe and efficient manner and contingency arrangements constantly under evaluation to support the ever changing business environment.

AVISU has developed, trained and updated procedures linked to a range of operational concepts.

Safety Management and Regulation

Safety Management is the foundation of all safety of life industries. The ICAO 4 pillars of safety management, also enshrined in most of the worlds regulatory environments, provides a high level guide as to what is needed.

However AVISU has learnt over many decades of safety management, that pure process is not sufficient. A real understanding of the end users of the systems and procedures is an absolute requirement to sound and lasting safety management.

AVISU rare experience in both operations and safety management I has proven the difference time and time again between successful projects and costly, delayed or failed projects.

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Strategic Advice

Developing and updating strategic directions involves a complex set of interactions of many disciplines. past performance can be used as an indicator for the future however if growth is expected, or required, then an understanding about the underlying assumptions and market forces is essential.

AVISU’s experience in developing holistic visions covering both current and emerging concepts in Air Traffic Management enables us to provide realistic and business focussed strategic advice. We support mergers and acquisition investigation, due diligence activities and both CAPEX and OPEX investment decision making.

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Change Management

Change Management in the Aviation world is a complex activity as the normal change processes are complicated by the need to not only maintain but improve safety. In many projects Safety is considered as a competing objective to efficiency or productivity objectives. If run poorly, then aviation change programs will result in this clash. However when truly integrated, the safety performance can become an aid to realizing the financial performances targeted.

AVISU has the expertise too apply an integrated safety approach merged within change management methodologies across all our project management contributions.

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The entire change lifecycle form concept of operations to operations and maintenance is a complex and changing environment. All industry partners, from suppliers to service providers and regulators require up to date tailored knowledge to support the workforce in making sound and target focussed decisions.

AVISU has been delivering bespoke training for over 20 years in all aspects of the ATM domain by trusted and recognized experts in the industry.

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At AVISU we are constantly looking for both employees and associated partners to support the ever increasing demands on our expertise. We require people that are self motivated and operationally experienced and the willingness to travel worldwide and occasionally work for extended periods overseas.